Huawei modem configuration Change the administrator login password of the Huawei router

Huawei router setup: People fumble to pronounce the name of this brand, but still it has become one of the best technology-focused companies across the globe. They have released a lot of products over time and of course routers have become a big part of them due to an increase in sales which was obviously in response to how well their products perform for fans.

And they are huge all over the world not only in routers but also have huge presence in different industries and corners like laptops, mobiles and many more. Admin Login

Huawei routers are sold in huge quantities, so we’ll review one of their best-selling routers and show you how to set it up properly.

Huawei modem configuration

How to set up Huawei router – Huawei router setup guide

Their web setup platform is much simpler and easier to understand as it serves millions of people around the world.

First, we have to visit the internal IP address of the Huawei router from the address bar which is then click on the Enter button to continue Admin access
Now the login page web GUI will load and here we need to enter two main login details i.e. username and password.
Under username you have to enter as administrator and under password enter admintelecom you should then select the language according to your preference and click on the login button once done

In a few minutes the admin panel will load and now we can access the page so that we can easily configure other settings.

Now open the admin panel from the browser and here you can see different sections and options for the type of access. From where we have to click on the “Do not show this wizard at next login” option

Then we must click on the broadband connection option and under it you will be able to access the Internet Access Wizard, thanks to which the Internet and the wireless connection will be activated
After that, select “Internet Access Wizard” and under that you need to select the interface as option 4 from the drop down menu and follow the settings below.
Username: You need to re-enter your router’s username
Password: You need to re-enter your router password

Next you need to enter the Static NAT configuration option
Then below, select “Protocol Translation” under Translation Type
And for the protocol type, select “TCP” and click the ok button
For external port, select “user defined” and for internal IP, it will autofill the IP address
Finally, it will also be the “User Defined Inland Port” which you can select from the drop down menu provided
After that, simply click the finish button and the internet setup is done on your router as a basic step.

It may seem difficult when you first look at the router, but frankly, Huawei routers are quite easy to install and totally configure.

What is the default IP address to connect to Huawei router?

The Huawei router set the default login IP address of the Huawei Wifi router to to log into the admin panel, and kept the default IP address in the user manuals while pasting a label on the Huawei router.

What is the default username for logging into the Huawei router?

The default admin username can be created by administrator, and the username of Huawei router is “admin” to log into the panel of Huawei router.

What is the default password for logging into the Huawei router?

The default administrator password can be created by the administrator, and the password of the Huawei router is “admintelecom” to log into the panel of the Huawei router.

How to change/reset the admin username or password of the Huawei Router device?

The only way to access the web-based management system if the administrator password is lost or forgotten is to reset the Huawei router settings to their defaults. To reset the password, the user must press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds.

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