Change Microsoft router admin login password

Microsoft Router Admin Setup: Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates, is one of the largest software and desktop software companies in the world, known for building Windows operating platforms and so many things that you use daily in your life. They are not only known for making software but Microsoft is known for making office supplies and many aid and educational products like routers that help to use the internet age effectively.

Aiming to capture the growing market of router industry, Microsoft too releases many routers which have become famous over time and in today’s article, we are going to show you the process of installing such router. The router model we are going to talk about today is Microsoft MN-700 which had huge sales and also all other router models have the same interface and configuration process to follow.

How to set up Microsoft routers – The setup process

Microsoft is a big brand and as they say they have many internal IP addresses but the most common one they use is and we will also connect to the router admin panel via this IP address.

Step 1: Open your browser then enter the IP address then click go or enter button
Step 2: Now you will need to enter your login credentials here which are username and password. First, enter your username as an administrator.
Step 3: Then a new page will load, here you just need to enter the password here which is admin and then click on Login button Admin login
Step 4: Wait for your router’s admin panel to load and this is where you can continue with the setup process.
Microsoft Router Wireless Setup – Internal Setup Guide

Now that we have access to the Microsoft router admin panel, it’s time to start the wireless configuration of the router, which is the main task here and you can follow the instructions below to do so.

Wireless Settings: Click on the Wireless Settings option in the left sidebar and then make the changes according to the instructions below.

Wireless Mode: Select the “g performance (fasting)” in the drop down menu options
Wireless Network Name (SSID): As the name suggests, this is the network name of your router and you need to enter a name here which can be a combination of alphabets, numbers and even special characters.
Wireless Channel Number: Select “11” in the drop-down menu options
Then check “Broadcast the wireless network name (SSID) (recommended)”, then simply click the Apply button at the bottom of the page to make the changes.

Security: Click on the Security option in the left sidebar, then on this page, click on the wireless security option.

Next, select the SSID you configured earlier and then enter a password for the selected SSID.
Then go to the bottom of the page and click the Apply button to save the changes.

Microsoft modem configuration

Finally, you are done setting up your Microsoft router configuration which allows you to use wireless settings and more after following the instructions above.

What is the default IP address for connecting to the Microsoft router?

The Microsoft router set the default login IP address of the Microsoft Wifi router to connect to the admin panel and kept the default IP address in the user manuals and put a label on the Microsoft router.

What is the default username for logging into the Microsoft router?

The default admin username can be created by administrator, and the Microsoft router username is “admin” to log into the Microsoft router panel.

What is the default Microsoft router login password?

The default admin password can be created by the administrator, and the Microsoft router password is “admin” to log in to the Microsoft router panel.

How to configure Microsoft router device?

If the administrator password is lost or forgotten, the only way to access the web-based management system is to reset the Microsoft router configuration to defaults. Users can press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds to reset their password.

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