Alice modem configuration

Alice is a common model of Telecom Italia broadband modem that is sold to connect to its ADSL broadband service.

Alice modem configuration

The device supports the Broadband Forum’s Digital Video Broadcasting over ADSL (DVB-ADSL) standard for digital television and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) standard for digital radio. Alice can be used to connect an analog television or radio set to the Internet. It also supports two-way communication through the telephone line, allowing users to listen to Internet radio, view web pages, download files and use e-mail through the telephone line.

If you are using a different brand modem, you need to verify your login credentials on this Modem Configuration page

If you want to configure the alice modem, you need to access the management page, which can be reached by clicking on this link or through the dedicated link http://alicegate.

If you’re logging in for the first time, your admin and admin passwords are the ones to keep an eye on.

Login credentials may also apply to usernames and passwords.

After entering the control panel, you can proceed with configuring the modem alice.

What is the reason you see the page?

You may have typed something similar in the address bar of your browser when you tried to access the configuration page of the Alice Telecom/Tim modem/router

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