ASUS modem configuration

ASUS modem configuration

ASUS router admin login and password change with full setup: There are different brands of modems available in the market with various features. ASUS router is one of their kind with unique look for home space and offers good reliable speed. There are several models released by the ASUS Group and the default credentials are the same for all of them. Users need not worry in any way as the login process for all its models is pretty much the same.

ASUS router parameter:

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to continue setting up your router from scratch. Make sure you have an ASUS router of any mode, a high-speed LAN connection cable, a PC or laptop with a web browser installed.

First, turn on our router model by connecting it to the adapter provider with Power
Use the high-speed LAN cable to connect to the modem’s Ethernet input slot
Now plug the Ethernet cable into the modem outlet and another end into your PC or Windows
Launch your browser and type the IP address to search
You will be asked to enter usernames and passwords, fill in the default login credentials
Click Sign In and wait for a moment when the ASUS Router page loads
Go to the Profile button and change the default login credentials
The changed password must be 8 characters long and unique in characters

That’s all! The configuration of the modem has been completed successfully by protecting its password. Use this password when attempting to log in for any future configuration.

Set up Wi-Fi on your ASUS router:

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up Wi-Fi connection to your newly purchased ASUS router model. Make sure you follow the step-by-step procedure and complete the setup correctly.

Make sure your router is connected to a PC or laptop via a LAN connection
Now launch any browser and enter the IP in the URL bar to search
Enter your username and password to enter the ASUS router default page
Now find the wireless connect button and click on it to open it
Name your Wi-Fi with WPA2 password to secure your connection
Set the frequency to 2.4GHz and select to hide SSD mode
Set the wireless mode to Auto and also check the channel to Auto
Use 20/40 MHz channel bandwidth and WPA2 Personal for authentication
Click Apply and wait for the changes to apply to Wi-Fi

Finally, you have now successfully configured the Wi-Fi router to use the data connection from the broadband LAN and extend it to clients using the Wi-Fi network. Since we have selected the WPA2 authentication mode, the password will be requested by the user using your WiFi.

Default username and password for ASUS Networks Router administrator login and password change

Brand Model Protocol Username Password

What is the default IP address for ASUS router admin connection?

The ASUS router set the default login IP address of the ASUS Wifi router to log into the admin panel, and kept the default IP address in the user manuals while pasting a label on the ASUS router.

What is the default username for admin login of ASUS router?

The default admin username can be created by the administrator, and the ASUS router admin username is “admin” to log into the ASUS router admin panel.

What is the default password for admin login of ASUS router?

The default admin password can be created by the administrator, and the ASUS router admin password is “blank” to enter the ASUS router admin panel.

How can I change/reset the administrator username or password of the ASUS Router device?

The only way to access the web based management system if the administrator password is lost or forgotten is to reset the settings.

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