D-Link modem configuration

D-Link modem setup

The D-Link router can be set up in seconds and after setting up and configuring the router, the Wi-Fi connection is set up and you will be able to connect to the internet through the D-Link router.

Before proceeding, make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into the active data jack or modem or the back of the router into the Ethernet port.

NETGEAR modem configuration

To set up your D-Link router Follow the steps–

turn on D-Link router.

Connect your computer to your router using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable

Once your computer is connected, open your web browser and visit Where (The model for modeling the default gateway address may differ, below is the list of default router IP addresses).

A login web page will appear. The default username is admin and the password should be left blank. Tap Sign In.

Here you can set up and configure the router with the setup wizard internet connection.

In the wireless configuration, write SSID (WiFi name) and key (password).

In WAN Configuration, select Connection Type: DHCP/PPPoE/Static (You can check with your ISP regarding your internet connection and essential details).

After setting up the internet connectivity, you can tap Sign up and log in and the router can now connect to the internet.
Next, visit the wireless settings and set up the Wi-Fi network along with an SSID and keyword.

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