Infosmart modem configuration

Infosmart Router Admin Access Setup: We have heard of several brands in the router industry but that being said, Infosmart may be a small name but it is worth every penny you spend with them. Rather, it is an elite brand in computer networking and products that has improved a lot over time.

They are mainly distributed in Eastern countries and focus on creating products with robust features. We will learn how to configure Infosmart router from scratch and for this, make sure that the hardware configuration is done correctly.

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How to configure the Infosmart router – Infosmart router configuration guide

The hardware configuration, such as the wire connections of the Ethernet cable to the router and to the power supply, as well as the Ethernet connection of the router to the laptop or computer, must be done perfectly.

Step 1: The first step is to open the IP address in the address bar of one of the routers. Once the IP address has been entered, simply click the go or enter button to continue. Admin access
2nd step: Then a login popup will appear on the page and you need to enter your username and password here. In the case of an Infosmart branded router, you need to use the same details, which are admin and admin.
Step 3: Then click on the login button and within a few minutes you will have access to the admin panel.

It may be a different interface than other brands of routers, but with the instructions below you will be able to set up your router.

Wi-Fi Settings: At the top of the menu you need to click on the Settings button and in the left sidebar select “Wireless” then under the “Wi-Fi Settings” these settings are to be made.

SSID: This will be the network name of your router, which you can enter according to your preferences
802.11 Mode: Select 11bgn here from the drop down options provided
transmit power: This should be “High” and make sure you select it from the drop down menu
Wireless Security: Here you have to select the ‘Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK” in the drop-down menu
Wireless Encryption Type: Select “AES” in the drop-down menu
security key: This will be your router’s network password and must be at least 8 characters/
channel mode: It should be automatic
Pause: Select “Enable” as it will save power
Sleep Mode Timer: Select “ten” which is the highest number
SSID Forwarding: This should also be checked as “Enable”
Wi-Fi On/Off: This should be selected to “Enable”
WPS Enabled/Disabled: Select this as “Enable” then and once you have made the settings as per the given instructions, just click on the Apply button.

WPS Settings: Below you can see there is a “WPS” option and in the drop down menu you have to select “Button” then click “WPS Connection” here.

This way, you will be able to configure the Infosmart router correctly and one of the key aspects of enabling the wireless connection will be smooth.

What is the default IP address for the Infosmart Router administration connection?

The Infosmart Router has designated as the default login IP address for the Infosmart Wifi Router to access the admin panel and has kept the default IP address in the user guides and on the Infosmart Router.

What is the default login username for the Infosmart router administrator?

The admin username of the Infosmart router is “admin” to log into the admin panel of the Infosmart router, and the default admin username can be changed by the admin.

What is the default password for the Infosmart router administrator login?

The default admin password can be created by the administrator, and the Infosmart router admin password is “admin” to login to the Infosmart router admin panel.

How to change/reset the administrator username or password of the Infosmart Router device?

The only way to access the web-based management system if the password is not lost or forgotten is to reset the Infosmart router settings to factory defaults. To reset the password, the user must press and hold the

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