NETGEAR modem configuration

NETGEAR modem configuration

Setting up your NET GEAR router is extremely simple and once you purchase your router and connect to it, setting up your router takes only a few minutes. You can follow this quick guide to set up your NETGEAR router easily.

A login web page will appear. Enter the default username and password. The default password is password and the default username is admin.

After logging in, visit the Network menu > Setup Wizard > New Connection and follow the NET GEAR Genie to set up your router.
If “You have noticed PPPoE DSL Internet connection”, please ask your ISP for your username and password.

Once the router is configured, the Internet connection stage will become GOOD.

At this point, go to the Wireless section to configure the Wi-Fi network.

Choose an SSID (name) for the Wi-Fi network and choose an appropriate keyword in Security Choices (WPA2-PSK) Passphrase:
Use these tweaks and you are now done setting up your NETGEAR router.

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